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Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Full brings the first impression with a professional interface with black tone (of course you can change it if you want). Navigation buttons such as Play, Pause are very large so you will not be hit wrong while using. Other icons are also featured on the black background. Compared with other music applications, Poweramp interface can be said to be the leading design friendly with the users as well as beautiful.

In addition, Poweramp allows you to change the theme of the application. To change the theme, go to Menu> Settings> Theme and select the theme you like. All topics are designed quite modern and professional. Poweramp also supports most popular music formats such as MP3, MWA, Lossless…

Poweramp has two ways of managing music. The first is to sort by folder and the second one is sorted by the library depending on your preference. To set your home directory, go to Menu> Settings> Music Folder and browse to the folder containing the music that you want to set. Organized according to the music library, the files will be taken according to the library of the default music player on Android, so you can be completely assured if you just moved from another music application to Poweramp.

However, one drawback is that they will take all the music files in your device, including music files or audio tunes, which interrupt the listening experience. You can browse the music library with the options: All Songs, Albums, Artists, Genres and Playlists.

Details of all songs are listed in detail including title, artist name and album name. If you want to play any song, the simplest is to choose Now Playing. When you touch a song, besides Now Playing, there are other options: Enqueue (Add to Playlist, Play, Info), check the song information such as the title, album, year of creation, format, compression, frequency…).

These functions help us to grasp the necessary information about the song as well as control the playing of music in the simplest way. The Now Playing interface of the application is simple and easy to use with the Play key, Pause with the big size. The song title and album image are clearly displayed.