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Ninja Dash Run - Best Offline Games 2020

Ninja Dash Run - Epic Arcade Offline Games 2020 is a marvel time killer experience with amazing anime graphics, you only have to tap and swipe to kill your demons enemies while you run and jump for you life. Become the best ninja dash warrior in this epic arcade japanese adventure. A perfect time killer adventure for your device.

- Tap screen on the left side to perform a dash double jump to avoid enemy attacks.
- Tapping on the right side of the screen will make your Ninja dash character attack the enemies.
- Perform powerful dash combos, collect coins and gems to upgrade your ninja ronin.

You can play offline! That makes Ninja Dash Run - Epic Arcade Offline Games 2020 a perfect time killer app for your phone or tablet.

- Defeat all kinds of enemies (devils, demons and epic bosses) in this Run and Jump Arcade game full of adventure and fun.
- Unlock new ninja warrior characters and upgrade your weapons to make levels easier.
- Choose between various ninja warriors (Senji, Shiro, Tetsu, Kira, Bonzu, Hana, Akane and more to come) all of them have different ninja weapons (katana, stick, shuriken etc), skills and attacks.
- 8 different japanese anime arcade scenarios with epic adventure levels.
- Play online or offline in this adventure!
- Easy to play with easy controls, a perfect time killer.

The sushi is the real deal! Your mission is to recover it by fighting epic demon in this run arcade jump adventure. Jump over your enemies, train your epic shinobi warrior in the Japanese Sensei’s Dojo and be an unstoppable Ninja Ronin in this epic run arcade offline game, the greatest time killer adventure 2020.

Ninja Dash Run - Epic Arcade Offline Games 2020 is a perfect time killer adventure with a ninja japanese theme.
The mission is to kill as many japanese demons as you can with your epic ninja dash character, destroy demon bosses that comes in your way.

The japanese adventure to become a warrior is not only running & smashing demons by jumping over the rooftops. During this “time killer” adventure you will face different challenges: