Wednesday, June 24, 2020

How to change a Facebook Messenger Notification Sounds?

Hi everyone, Welcome to my Tech GeeK Blog!

The technology I am going to post today is going to give you a way on how to change the messaging features we use every day.

The easy way is. Follow along and do it. Ask questions that don't work. .


- Press Notification Sound, as the inbox will change the incoming tone, then tap Notification Sound.
- Select the sound you want to change.
- Click to change the voice call from Messenger from Messenger.
- Choose your favorite You can also use your system sound.

- Open a Messenger App.
- Click a Chat Icon.

- Find out a [Notifications & Sounds]
- Click it!

- Click a [Notifications sound]

- Choose your favorite Sounds and then Back it!

- Click a [Ringtone]

- Choose your favorite Sounds and then Back it!

- DONE -

I believe all will be OK. Comment a Below is a list of what doesn't work!!

Thank You All....!
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